Rhys and Allison are interested in all sorts of medieval activities.


The Society for Creative Anachronism is the largest medievalist group in Australia. Actually it’s a bit broader than medieval: basically it covers from about 600 to 1600 AD.

The SCA has experts in a huge range of crafts and skills. With the wide date and geographical range, SCA events are sociable and sometimes a little chaotic. The big annual event is the Rowany Festival each easter.


Allison and Rhys have started a local SCA group in Goulburn, the Hundred of Okewaite. Okewaite is a name that could be found in middle England, from old norse roots.

Okewaite has events every few months, and in January 2010 we held the kingdom’s coronation event. This was a sparkling event attended by about 200 people.


Some of our favourite medievalist resources: – good armour patterns for beginners – armour and costumes for sale

One Response to “Medieval”

  1. Jean Says:

    love hearing all your news and doings, especially Owen making bread.

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