Getting here

By road

Cockatrice Farm is at the end of Barkers Lane, which comes off the Hume Highway about 10km on the Melbourne side of Goulburn. Barkers Lane is signposted and is directly opposite the turnoff to Canberra (the Federal Highway).

Warning: your GPS may tell you to enter Barkers Lane from Parkesbourne Road. Don’t do this, as the road has never been made and you would come across fields.

Click here to see a Google map.

By train or bus

If you fly into Sydney, do take a couple of days to look around the city and the harbour.  It’s great. And look for the flying foxes (big bats) at the Botanic Gardens.

There are two different types of train to Goulburn available from Sydney Central Station.  We recommend CityRail ( taking the Southern Highlands line to Goulburn, for $7.80.  Especially the weekday service that leaves at 15:46 and gets in at 19:00. That’s the easiest time for us to meet you there.

Otherwise, you can get a CountryLink service ( to Goulburn for $28.  It’s a bit faster, and has a little cafeteria on board.

Go to the front of the train – for some services, the back carriages stop at Mossvale.

Alternatively, there is a bus to Goulburn which also stops at the railway station.

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