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Here’s some of the more interesting posts, if you’d like to skim.


We finish the chook dome –  September 25, 2008
We made a dome out of polypipe, so the chickens can prepare vegetable beds.

Experimenting with soil blockers –  February 25, 2009
We made special soil blocks for raising seedlings.

The Destructo Duck Gang –  April 1, 2009
Grumbling about ducks

New peacocks –  January 25, 2010
We buy all sorts of stuff at the Goulburn poultry auctions.

Baby geese –  October 5, 2010
We hatch birds in our incubator.

Medieval activities

Banners –  January 20, 2009
Our Canadian wwoofer Nellie made some wonderful banners.

Beating the heat –  February 9, 2009  (scratch feast)
We decided to have a feast at the farm.

Christmas cometh –  June 21, 2009
We ran a medieval Christmas in July (when it’s cold!) for the Goulburn Club.

The big launch –  October 4, 2009
We started our local medieval club, with a display in the park
(bonus: some photos of our foal)

After Agincourt –  October 26, 2009
The first feast for our new medieval group.

On Ilkla Moor you get sunstroke –  November 23, 2009
A campfire cooking event at the farm, in desert heat.

Recovering from 12th Night –  January 14, 2010
We ran a huge feast for the whole kingdom.

Rowany Festival pictures –  April 19, 2010
Links to photos on the Okewaite website.

Back from Festival –  April 7, 2010
Talks about our campsite at the national medieval event over Easter.

At the Pumpkin Festival –  May 3, 2010
We did a cute demonstration at a festival at a nearby village.

On Ilkla Moor again… –  September 21, 2010
The second campfire cooking even, pretty cold this time.

Food for the Joust –  November 10, 2010
We helped a friend by cooking for a jousting event in Sydney.

Sometimes nothing is as it seems –  December 6, 2010
Our feast in Goulburn, with lots of trick foods.


Warhorse breeding program –  December 17, 2008
We bought Domino, a difficult brood mare.

A foal at last –  September 21, 2009
Domino had a foal called Gawaine.

A new horse –  April 19, 2010
We bought Paulie, an ex-racer, for riding.

Medieval riding day –  May 27, 2010
Lots of photos of us riding!

Gawaine gets the snip –  October 22, 2010
An update on Gawaine.


Housewarming, and our first wwoofers –  October 14, 2008
As the title suggests.

A yabbie dinner –  January 27, 2009
We catch freshwater crustaceans in our dam.

It’s 1949 again –  November 2, 2009
The nearby village is quaint (but great!)

A madhouse –  February 23, 2010
Gives a good example of the usual mayhem here.

A quiet weekend –  June 7, 2010
Don’t you believe it.

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