Welcome to Cockatrice Farm, a broadacre permaculture farm specialising in old-fashioned vegetables and fruits, and older breeds of animals.


We’re in Yarra, an area on the Canberra side of Goulburn. Our address is 76 Barkers Lane, Yarra NSW 2580.

We’re 2 hours from Sydney, and 45 minutes from Canberra Civic.

The property

Our property is 100 acres or 40 hectares. (Technically it’s a little smaller, but there’s a few extras, for instance the continuation of Barkers Lane is fenced within our place.)

Mostly it’s horse pastures now, with pockets of bush. We are planting lots of trees.

Who are we?

Rhys Howitt is a consultant specialising in project management support and quality systems. He has a Permaculture Designer’s Certificate. In the SCA, he’s Master Cristoval.

Allison Kirby is a webinar trainer for an executive coaching firm. In the SCA, she’s Lady Alys Dietsch.

Contact details

To contact us, email rhysh@webone.com.au.

For urgent matters, you can ring Rhys on 0412 867 731, or from overseas +61 412 867 731.1

One Response to “About”

  1. Gary Poile Says:

    I am putting together the “pumpkin breakfast” where we invite the Collector community to get involved with the festival, start the planning process and encourage people to start planting pumpkins. This will be on Sunday 24th October from around 9:00 am. Our original festival planning (going back several years) made it one of our aims to promote growing food – ie:
    • To encourage consumers to buy directly from the people that produce the food they eat.
    • To encourage people of all ages to grow food
    • To establish the connection between growing food and eating it
    • To help and encourage local farmers to produce food.
    We discussed this at a meeting the other night and I suggested that I would try finding someone local with a background in permaculture that might be prepared to come and talk to our breakfast gathering about growing food in general (including pumpkins!) using these methods. I didn’t realise at the time that our “Medieval Display peolpe” were also involved with Permaculture – a happy coincidence!!
    Let me know if you’re interested and we can discuss further.

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