Bouncing Busters

In the comic Calvin, the “hero” arrives home from school and is inevitably met with a tiger whirlwind.

I feel a bit like that going to work.  In a freshly-ironed shirt, I step outside and Buster spies me from a great distance.

He comes in fast and low like a muddy exocet missile.  He crashes affectionately into me, and I’m immediately filthy.

For the most part, I’ve trained him out of jumping up on me – my knee comes out very quickly now.  In Buster’s world, the proper place for a puppy is on his master’s lap, and the fact that he’s nearly as big as me is just a minor logistical issue.

Ally and I consecutively had the current vomiting virus last weekend, and we’ve been sore and sorry since then.  Yesterday I decided an after-lunch nap was in order, and went to the guest house which has my very old but comfy leather armchairs.  Buster was whimpering loudly outside, so I decided he could come in and lie down on the floor near me.

That lasted less than a minute, then I had a hefty Huntaway spreadeagled on top of me, licking my face.  I settled him, and still had a snooze, with my mate happily snoring away on top of me too.

He would still like to be a herder, and had another go with our young Clydesdale Gareth.  Gareth didn’t like this interloper barking at him, so turned around and gave Buster both barrels.  At least one connected, and sent Buster away howling at high speed.  In case there ever was any doubt, Buster can leap over any of our fences, and we found him sooking down the laneway.

Our old horse Chad, who is the calmest beast you’ll ever come across, has been allowed into the house paddock because there’s little feed in the big paddock and Chad has no teeth.  Buster now keeps well away from Chad and hides between the houses.

Otherwise, Buster has stayed at home and been well behaved.  He does have a habit of finding odd things from anywhere on the property and gathering them like a dragon’s hoard on the grass in front of our house.  Mostly it is rubbish that will be thrown out when I can bend over comfortably again.

I expect he’ll grow out of his puppy behaviour in time, which will mostly be a sad thing.  It does lift your spirits to be smashed by a wet dirty gleeful puppy in the mornings.


It has been confirmed that Stone Dog Meadery (see a couple of posts ago) was the most popular stand at the Canberra Beer Festival.  It didn’t seem all that busy to me, but perhaps we’re just better at it now.  Allison says it’s because she did some excellent signs which explained the story, which meant we didn’t have to do that for every new customer.  Congratulations Steve and Lavender!

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