Naughty Buster

Buster the dog is a bit puzzled by all this rock production activity.  What a waste of time, when we could be … taking him for a walk!

He tries to help though.  He’s not clear on why we stack rocks on pallets, but he’s happy to leap up on top and give us encouragement.

He’s not sure why we dig out buckets of aggregate from the mound in the driveway.  Yesterday he was next to me as I dug, earnestly scratching away with his paws and his teeth, to do his bit.

Surely there’s some rounding up he could do for us?

Last week he decided to proactively round up a goose (a flying sheep?), to show us his skills.  Unfortunately the goose ran to the dam and swam circles.  Buster swam behind barking, and must have been close to exhaustion when I got to him.  I dragged him out of the dam, hauled his face up in front of mine, and loudly growled that he wasn’t to do that again.  And he hasn’t.

I didn’t even use bad language, or maximum volume.  That’s for DEFCON 10, which I hope we’ll never get to.

Ginger the Half-dingo is still playing with him, though as a grand dame it’s a bit half-hearted.

Bella the Bitser regards all that as a bit beneath her, and Buster is a brash and obnoxious youngster.  Bella’s health seems to be deteriorating; she had a skin cancer removed a few months ago, and we are wondering if it’s spreading.  Bella still comes up for a pat when it’s quiet.

Allison expects we’ll lose both the old dogs in the next year, so she’s on the lookout for another dog, as more company for Buster.  Something with short legs, so it can’t get over our fences and have two dogs looking for trouble.

The horses and two original alpacas are still doing fine, though there’s very little grass around.  Need some rain soon!

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