Barking beasts various

Daylight saving has ended, which means that it will often be dark and cold when I get home.  So our rock production will now be mostly on weekends.  We have the process running very smoothly now.  We’ve just received a couple more corner moulds which will reduce repetition of shapes.

We missed out on rocks one weekend recently when we helped out Allison’s brother Steve (Stone Dog Meadery) at the Canberra Beer and Cider Festival.  They were again one of the most popular stalls.  They had a couple of new session meads flavoured with myrtle eucalyptus, which were sensational.

Buster the dog is still being good, mostly…  He did have a fight over a bone with Bella, which left her with a sore shoulder for a week – and she is a big sook when injured.  He still loves me to bits.  I have to pat him for 10 minutes whenever I get home from work, or he won’t let me do anything else.


Usually we spend Easter at the Rowany Medieval Festival, effectively the national medievalist event.  For complicated reasons, the event this year is three weeks later, and we aren’t going.

Instead, Okewaite had a small medieval event at Cockatrice Farm on Easter Friday.  Okewaite is our name for the Goulburn and Southern Highlands branch of the Society for Creative Anachronism (SCA).

The event was the “Barking Beast Tavern”, celebrating Okewaite’s mascot heraldic beast, the camelopard.  Medieval travellers had heard of a beast from Aethiopia, with a very long neck and spots, which ate acacia trees.  It looked like (and maybe even was) a hybrid of a camel and a leopard.  Something very similar was bounding about the forests of (Arthurian) England, a barking beast for which knights quested (a pun as “questen” meant both barking and questing at the time).

As none of the artists had seen a giraffe in person, the illustrations were highly variable.  In Okewaite, our native camelopards are white with (perfectly round) purple spots.  We actually have a two-man camelopard suit, which was intending to make an appearance, but despite ransacking the farm twice we couldn’t find it.  It’s probably with the two-man horse suit – which of course we have too.

Anyway here’s some photos from the event (thanks John and Laura):

The food included rustic mince-and-currant pies, roast chicken with Allison’s special sage rub, rabbit in verjuice, soups, etc.  Ally brewed some cider and ginger beer, and Steve brought along some good things too.

Buster was a delight during the event.  A friend brought her own dog, much of an age and size as Buster, and the two played furiously all day except for when they collapsed in sleep like toddlers.  All the dogs had a lovely time and no doubt plenty of tidbits.

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