Rocks again

It turned out that Golden Dragon just wanted a big drink first, then everything added slowly while it is running.  We’re getting along much better now.

Cleaning Golden Dragon each day is pretty quick with the hose.  Lots of water ends up over me too, which is not such a bad thing on these long warm autumn evenings.

Daylight saving ends on 1 April, after which I fear our daily rock production may have to move to weekends only.  Getting soaked at night in winter will have much less appeal.

That will give me back some weekday evenings to sort out the remaining engineering details.  We can put the new entry road in anytime.

The aim is to get the concrete slab down in August, and to get to lockup by Christmas.  (That’s not a sentimental thing, it’s when I have two weeks’ holiday to stick up all the stones we’ve made.)

If all goes well, and “Grand Designs” tells me it always does, we should be living there by June 2019.  No, not taking bets!


  • Golden dragon, ready for loading.
  • Red dragon, now retired, in front of our second 3 tonne pile of aggregate
  • Rocks piled up on pallets; house site in the background.


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