Snowflake part 2

Snowflake the orphan alpaca will now take a bottle directly, so we no longer need to jam it between our legs.

Once she’s finished, she will still nuzzle at your crotch or armpit.  She won’t take any more milk, so I guess it must be a comfort thing, a kind of alpaca cuddle.

We try to give her some closeness, but it does mean getting her brekky leftovers all over your clothes.  It’s not so bad on my jeans, but wwoofer Toby only has the one pair of black casual pants.  If he’s not careful he goes into town with milk encrustrations all around the crotch, which isn’t a good look.

Snowflake now has a friend, Squirt.  Squirt lost his mother at a similarly young age, and in a large herd this wasn’t noticed for some months.  He survived on grass, but is severely stunted.  Squirt has great genes, but he’s tiny and can’t be shown, so his owner lent him to Jane to be a companion for Snowflake.

They are both living in one of our chook runs.  We have several other options, but this pen does have good shelter.

Our Indian Summer is now over, a couple of days ago.  So we had glorious weather almost to the end of May.  But now there is snow in the mountains, and a chill wind from the Antarctic.  (That’s overly dramatic — the mornings aren’t even frosty at present — but you definitely need a coat to be outside.)

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