The lost post #2

(Written on 2 Oct, but not posted till now sorry.)

It’s really spring now, and we have some wwoofers again.

The garden was a complete mess after winter.  That’s still pretty much the case, but it’s making good progress.

Yesterday was a lovely day and we brought the horses back into work after a break of many months.

Gawaine (the clydesdale) was his usual delightful self.  We think he’s finished growing now, as all the bits are back into proportion, and he’s working really smoothly.  He’s great to ride, but a few inches taller than last year — a big boy, but not too big for riding.

Paulie (standardbred ex-trots-racer) was more co-operative than I expected.  Jan thinks he gets his emotional cues from the rider — which all horses will do, but Paulie seems to respond particularly well to a calm and confident rider.

Doc (thoroughbred brat) was a bit all over the place, and we didn’t ride him.  Jan was keen to give him some time to get his head together.  Usually he’s very good to ride despite being an overly-friendly nuisance the rest of the time.

That’s all the riding horses we have at the moment.  Rocky is now retired — he’s getting a bit old, and he had leg problems the last two years.


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