Some guests

I call Jean my step-mother, but it’s not a great term for somebody who was your father’s partner well after you grew up.  “Close family friend” might be a better phrase.  We catch up when we go to Victoria, every year or so.

We had Jean and her friend Pat visit last weekend.  Jean’s been a follower of this blog for years, and keen to experience life at Cockatrice Farm, so they stayed in our cottage.  We have three wwoofers at the moment (Johanna, Tim, Leon) and they stayed there too.

Jean and Pat did get the whole CF experience — dinner at the Goulburn Club on Friday, a medieval feast on Saturday (at our friend Jane’s new farm), dinner at the wonderful Bank Thai restaurant on Sunday, and a chicken dinner on Monday which was harvested and plucked on the farm.  I suggested that Jan and Pat chop out some tussocks too, but they weren’t so keen; hard to get good wwoofers now.

Jan and Pat did have a good time with our wwoofers, and made them pancakes.  I think the wwoofers were pretty considerate house-mates too; this lot are very easy to have around.

Fortunately we had mostly good weather for the visit.  I took Jean and Pat into Floriade, the spring tulip festival in Canberra.  We also managed some work with the horses.

On the Monday I convinced Pat to help me as typist to transcribe some old court records from 1619, for my family history research.  Arthur Hewet, draper of London, had been languishing in the Fleet Prison for debtors for 10 years.  He had once bought properties in the names of his three sons, as it was otherwise hard to leave anything to younger sons, but now that Dad was languishing “in decaie” in prison they wouldn’t help him out.  Maybe his debts were so big, and Arthur so close to death, that they made a commercial decision to leave him there….

We had a lovely time with our guests, and hope we’ll see them here again before too long.  Particularly if they keep bringing Christmas cake with them.

Jean did remark that the regularity of blog postings has dropped a bit, so I’ve found a couple of old stories which didn’t quite make it to the Web.  And I’ll try to post more regularly now.

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