Spring has sprung

It’s now spring, the way we calculate it in Australia.

The animals decided it was spring a couple of weeks ago, with lots of frolicking and nesting and all that stuff.

Little Jasmine the miniature horse has been especially frolicsome.  She’s meant to live in the orchard, with very restricted food intake, but Allison lets her out in the house yard for a bit of respite.  One day, we were putting her back in her yard, and she raced off and ran around the houses twice.  Never seen her move so fast.  I think she was having fun.

I mentioned that we had lots of sunny days this winter, which was true, but there were a few shockers too, some in the last couple of weeks.  It’s much worse when the winds come up — we stay inside by the fire.

The weather in spring was perfect for serrated tussock weeds, especially in the big open paddock where we ploughed a couple of years ago.  I’ve gone out a few times to clear them, but you really don’t feel like it in the colder weather.

We’ve had no wwoofers over winter.  Hopefully we’ll get some soon, and get back to the tussocks and farm maintenance.

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