The winter solstice

We’re now at the shortest day of the year.  I’m bored with getting up in the dark.  To me, the solstice is always a harbinger of better times to come.

For Allison, it tells her that the worst two months of winter are just starting.  And it’s been an unusually cold winter already.

On Tuesday, the frost was so thick on the car that I couldn’t scrape it off with a credit card.  I had to rub off the top layer first, then dig in with the corner of the card, and mostly wait until the car heated up.

I haven’t posted much lately — the farm’s pretty quiet, and we don’t have any wwoofers.

Allison has been made redundant — the company she was with lost the rights to the IT product she was training people for.  So they mutually agreed to finish things up there.  She’s having a break, and just now looking for a new job.  Anyone need a talented online trainer?

My current contract winds up soon too, so I’m looking out for a new one.  The Australian government has just made massive cuts, so it might be trickier than usual.

The international situation also seems to be near the winter solstice.  Spain and Italy can’t be bailed out, so I’m expecting a crisis in the next few weeks.  Then will come the worst part of winter, and eventually the spring.  Best wishes to all our good friends in Europe; I’m sure you’re already having a tough time.

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