Lots less wheels

We’ve been a 4-car family for a while now.  A work car (Calais), a 4WD farm car (X-trail), the old ute as well as the old work car (Camry).

The old ute has been on death row for a while, but it’s got us out of many scrapes.  It’s been useful around the farm, and we might have kept it just for that, but now it has blown the starter motor.

I’m no mechanic, and it’s not worth enough to justify having professionals fix it.  So it will go to the wrecker.

The X-trail has been a comfortable and very useful car, but it’s done a head gasket and has been in for repairs for the last week.  Apparently they are prone to this.  Grrr.

We bought the Calais because the Camry was on its last legs.  The Calais runs on gas or petrol, so it’s good for the regular run into Canberra.

The Camry has mostly been driven by wwoofers, mostly for short trips into Goulburn though Pat did drive it to the medieval festival north of Sydney.   The motor was sounding increasingly dreadful, and again it wasn’t worth the cost of repairs.  It was due to go to the wreckers in 4 weeks when its registration expired.

With the X-trail out of commission, we’ve been back to the Camry as our second vehicle and for towing.  It’s still a very comfortable car, and really good for fuel economy.  We’ve been driving it with our fingers crossed, hoping the engine would get us back each time.  But now its starter motor has given out too, and again there’s no point in fixing it.

I think we do need one backup car that we’re happy for wwoofers to drive, and able to tow a trailer.  When the bank balance recovers from these recent repairs, I might look out for something suitable.

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