A great night out

On Friday we went out to dinner to celebrate wwoofer Lulu’s birthday.

We went to the Thai Bank restaurant in Goulburn.  We’d been there about 10 days earlier for Pat’s birthday, and had such a nice time that we were all keen to go back.

Of the five main dishes, I would rate four as exceptional and the fifth as merely very good.  Every dish had a distinct flavour, and the ingredients were top class.  This was one of the most delicious meals I have ever eaten.

Khammul, the owner and chef, is highly skilled and she always comes out for a chat.

Better still, the dinner cost $109 for six of us.  Plus they have a loyalty system, so we also got a third of a later romantic night out for Allison and me.

After the dinner, we went out to the Goulburn Club for a drink.  They had guitarist and singer Tony Wade there, and he’s always fantastic.  There was an open fire going, and the place was at its friendliest.  Allison and I had a dance, to my son Owen’s horror.

I think I’ve said this before, but sometimes we don’t understand how good we’ve got it.  Goulburn has a reputation for being a drab, dull place, but the reality is that it’s wonderful.  Nobody realises they are living in a Golden Age until after it’s over.

Speaking of which, a developer has put in a bid for the Goulburn Club, and the offer is being seriously considered.  I’m a bit puzzled as to why; takings are down, but the place is still profitable.  There’s increased competition from other renovated venues, but I’ll bet we lose one or two in coming years.  The club has a maintenance backlog, and a retired handyman is doing wonders catching it up week by week.  Volunteers are in short supply, as always, but we’re muddling through.

We have the best beers in Goulburn, and some great entertainment.  Don’t miss our Beatles weekend in June!

Maybe there’s some opportunities for collaboration, but I think we’re a 140-year old club in a position of strength.  It will take a lot to convince me that we should sell.

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