Wood if we could

We’ve had the fire going a few times lately; some quite chilly nights.  Right now, we have a few days of reasonable weather, then from tomorrow it’s back to Groundhog Day and endless afternoon showers.

Furthermore, there’s a cyclone off the WA coast and a high chance of more serious rain on its way.  We’re going away for Easter for the medieval Rowany Festival, but our campsite was mostly underwater last year and we’re a bit concerned whether this year’s event will even go ahead.

Back at the farm, we’ve run out of wood.  The wwoofers (Michelle, Lulu, Pat) have been collecting barrowloads of fallen wood, but it goes quickly.

On the weekend, we hired a chainsaw for about $100 and Pat set about getting us a bulk supply of wood.  A big yellowbox tree fell over in the recent downpours, so that was a good place to start.  So we have a whole stack of green wood drying out — but it probably won’t be suitable for this winter.

The plan was to start with the easy (green) wood and work our way into the harder wood — but the chainsaw wouldn’t start on the second day.  The hire firm did give us $20 back, but I think next time I’ll go to their competitor.

Our neighbour Shane, who is a whizz with a chainsaw, has offered to cut down a big dead old yellowbox for us.  That should get us through a winter, if he gets the chance to do it.

One Response to “Wood if we could”

  1. Furi Ous Ennui Says:

    The SuthMoot site has cabins, showers, is 10 minutes from a shopping mall, 2 minutes from a winery/cidery, and drains completely when it downpours. It’s safe for kids, and has no leeches. I’m happy giving Festival a miss.

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