Summer is done

Summer is now officially over.  The very last day was the wettest of this very wet season, measured at 150mm by our neighbour. About a quarter of an average year’s rainfall, in a day.

But mostly it’s been just a regular shower every afternoon.

Goulburn cracked 30 degrees just once in February, and only barely.  There were eight hot (30+ degrees) days in January, once making it to 34 degrees.  Needless to say, in a usual summer most days are hot.

I don’t do well in hot weather, so it’s OK with me.  Allison enjoys warmer weather, so she’s a bit cranky about it — but she had a week in Darwin recently so she’s had some hot days.

Our current wwoofers, Michelle and Lulu, enjoy riding our horses, and that’s not really possible when the paddocks are soaked.  Right now, some of the property is actually underwater.

They have just been joined by Pat, one of our first wwoofers, who is visiting Australia again.  I see lots of boardgames in our future! (and hopefully some of Pat’s wonderful aubergine fritters).  He’s also introduced us to the fantasy TV series, Game of Thrones, which is coming along well.

This wet summer is the result of a La Niña weather pattern.  I monitor this here and at this stage the index is moving rapidly back to neutral conditions.  Then we need to wait to spring to see what is in store for us next year.


Update: Southern Australia has very bad flooding at present.  Goulburn was flooded, but not as badly as last year.  About 10% of our farm was underwater, again less than last year.  We had two weeks of nearly continuous rain, and now we’re back to sunny mornings and an afternoon storm – for at least another week.

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