A new job

The Goulburn Club is 140 years old.  That’s ancient in Australia.

The club owns a crumbling building in the middle of town.  We’re there most Friday evenings, sitting out on the balcony overlooking Belmore Park.

Live music, cheap dinners, good company … it’s a great place for us and our wwoofers.

Unlike most clubs in our state of New South Wales, the Goulburn Club doesn’t have poker machine gambling.  The other clubs have heaps of money, and cause lots of social problems, and the Goulburn Club doesn’t.

As far as I can tell, the Goulburn Club has been nearly broke for 140 years now — they just muddle through.

The club has no paid staff — just volunteers.  I do a couple of bar shifts a month, and about once a quarter we cook the Friday night dinner.  Recently Allison cooked paella, and another night I did a selection of Spanish tapas.

The club is run by a volunteer committee.  There is an established pattern of having a bad committee every second year, and last year’s was a shocker.  The people actually on the committee all acknowledge this — the group dynamics just didn’t work.  Individually, they are all good people.

The annual meeting was scheduled for December, but on the night there was only one nominee for eight committee positions.  The meeting was adjourned till February, and the club put out an urgent plea for help.

The end result is that they did get a full committee last week, and I’m the Vice-President.

I guess it’s yet to be seen whether we can get the club moving again.


One Response to “A new job”

  1. Anne Macarthur-King Says:

    Hi Reece, Good to hear you are Vice President. See you there some Friday. Cheers Anne

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