A cool summer

On 7 December, someone wrote into the Sydney Morning Herald urging “that summer be adjourned to a date to be fixed”.

This has apparently been the coldest summer for 50 years on the eastern seaboard.  Lots of storms, heaps of rain.  I have to have long, hot showers to keep some freeboard in the rainwater tank.

I was never terribly keen on summer anyway.  Most days now are about 24 degrees, which I reckon is just about right.

I think we’re in for a long cooler period like the 1960s and 70s.  Just natural cycles in action.  Yes, I’m still a climate change “denier”, or rather I’m sorry that climate science has been subverted by a few individuals with personal or political agendas.

Christmas Day was our first real summer’s day – it reached 30 degrees, and has since cooled again.  We went for a swim in the dam.

In recent years, we’ve had a European-style christmas on the 24th, then gone to Sydney for an Aussie christmas with Allison’s family.  This year, they came to us, so we had two christmas dinners with various combinations of friends and family.

I roasted two of our geese for the 24th, followed by various flans for dessert – thanks to wwoofers Ryo and Sarah for help with those.  Then Allison did the Aussie christmas dinner on the 25th – cold meat, salad and seafood – followed by a spectacular icecream cake amongst several rich desserts.

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