A storm

We’re having a second year of the La Niña weather pattern.  Basically means lots of rain.

We had a beauty of a storm a few days ago, lots of thunder and lightning.

We had to drive into town during it, so we ran to the car and leapt in.

Ginger the (half-dingo) dog was half in the car door, so Allison told her to get out.

Instead, Ginger jumped in and hid at Allison’s feet, between the brake and accelerator, shivering.  Poor little thing.

We took pity on her at this point, and took her to the wwoofer cottage.  She’s not usually allowed inside, but it was time for an exception.

The storm kept going all night, so when we got home we brought both the dogs into our house.

Cara was pretty relaxed about the storm — unless there’s food involved, not much bothers a labrador.

Ginger jumped onto our bed, and was told to get off.  She did, but then reappeared between our pillows.  Some stern words, and she was off again, then somehow ended up under the covers.  Bad language ensued, and she slept the rest of the night on the floor.

There was an almighty thunderclap at about 3 am, and the house shook.  It seems that everything survived.


Most of our seedlings failed this year; not sure why.  Maybe because we didn’t have any sand when we made the soil blocks; I thought it would be OK.

Fortunately, a lot of plants came up by themselves.  Celery, fennel, parsley, many kinds of spinach and salad vegetables, even one broadbean plant that has produced in bulk.

With the addition of some shop tomato and capsicum seedlings and some additional seed potatoes, we’ll still produce most of our vegie needs.  Not sure if we have eggplants this year.  My carefully-constructed planting scheme is in ruins as a result of this random resurgence.

In the orchard, a number of trees are coming along well.  The nectarine tree is now twice my height and covered in fruit; Allison says it’s had the most messy duck water poured on it.  Not bad for three years.

Many of our berry bushes are covered in fruit — I guess it’s a good season.

One Response to “A storm”

  1. Gwynfor Says:

    We, too, are deriving most of our vegetables from the 40m sq of garden. It’s good exercise for me, but Sue and Lillian do most of the real work. It’s also just a nice place to sit and chat, watch the dogs or think.

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