Driving north

Some changes with our cars recently.

We’ve had a Nissan X-Trail for a few months — pretty handy.

Our Camry (which takes both petrol and gas) needs some repairs soon, and as the car has done 500K it’s not really cost-effective to do them.  So we might let wwoofers drive it for now.

Our beaten-up old ute (“pickup” in American) is registered and roadworthy, but has developed an electrical fault such that the battery gets flat quickly.  So it doesn’t get used much.  We’ll probably sell it soon.

I’ve been driving the X-Trail into Canberra, which is a lot of kilometres and hence a fair bit of petrol.

Recently I bought a 2002 Holden Calais, in very good nick, to take over the Canberra run.  I’m getting the gas fitted in a couple of weeks.  It’s very comfortable.


Last weekend we got to take the Calais on a long run.  The SCA medieval club had a national event in Dubbo, which is five hours north of Goulburn.  The car did a great job, except the CD stacker in the boot which died fairly promptly.  I’m going to have words with it.  Possibly involving a hammer.

The medieval group in Dubbo didn’t quite reach orbit and become an independent group.  They live on as a distant outpost of the Sydney medieval group, Rowany.  And they don’t have to write officer reports, which I rather suspect might be part of their plan.  They usually run one or two events a year, and this time they volunteered to run a kingdom (Australia & NZ) event.

Their main family has a 25 acre property just out of Dubbo, and they have built a rather charming tavern out of bush poles and recycled carpet.  Allison thinks we should build something like it.  Actually our Okewaite Feasting Tent is bigger, so I can’t see the value, unless we build something to seat 200!

It was small for a kingdom event, but then again Dubbo is a long way away from anywhere and you pretty much have to drive there.  There were still a good number of old friends there from Brisbane, Newcastle, Sydney and Canberra.

Lunch was cold meat and salad; decent fare though I object to the tomato and pineapple — we shouldn’t use New World foods as they weren’t known to Europe yet.  OK, tomatoes were known in Italy (as a suspected poison) just before the end of the SCA period.

Dinner was pretty well the same, which I don’t think is up to scratch for an SCA kingdom event.  When we ran one in Goulburn, we had a whole stack of well-researched period foods, but then I guess we’re foodies.

The tournament was good to watch — not too many entrants, so it was possible to follow it.  The final bout came down to Sir Agro, a very old friend of mine, and Sir Siridean, who I guess I’ve also known for a few years now.  Siridean won, and will be crowned in Perth in January.

We liked Dubbo, and would like to get back to the Tapas bar there for another look.  Dubbo has a large zoo there, which we visited on the Sunday — good, but perhaps a little overpriced at $48 each to enter.

On the way home, back in the Calais, we followed our friend Tig who was driving with the aid of a GPS system.  She took us down some ever-narrower country tracks, so we got to see some unusual country but we were wondering just what settings her TomTom was on….  Eventually we decided we’d had enough, and stuck to the main road when Tig headed into yet another goat track.  Sure enough, Tig got back nearly an hour before we did.

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