At the last revel

Our Goulburn medieval club is still running a monthly “Revel”.  This is where we all bring a dish to share.

Two weekends ago (sorry, I’m a bit behind on blogging) we took along some home-made bread and savoury butters, some dragons made from mincemeat and food colouring, then Allison made some berry foole.

We had a good time with our friends, after which we played a medieval chasing game called “Tierce” — which was very popular with the kids and the wwoofers.

Before that, our friend Tig had run a class on cloisonné enamelling.  She gave us little squares and circles of pure silver, on which to experiment.

I have wanted to have a go at enamelling for a long time, so was keen to participate.  Our four wwoofers also took part.

It turned out to be quite fiddly, carefully cleaning the silver then laying out tiny pieces of silver wire.  That first session, we really just got enough enamel down to hold the designs in place.

Tig brought her kiln over to the farm for a couple more sessions.  You have to lay down and fire quite a few layers of the enamel mixture, which is ground glass and water.

Once we had enough layers on, we filed them back to expose the silver wires, and then they had a final firing.  Tig then did some jeweller’s finetuning with her Dremel tool.

The results were as shown below.  The finest was that of Ryo from Japan, who did a marvellous cat watching the moon.  Vey from Germany did a detailed but abstract piece, Zara from Germany a moon design, Sarah from France a cinquefoil flower, and mine was a simpler geometric pattern.

(click to expand)

I’m quite impressed by the results.  I have to say though that there is a lot of painstaking detail to the work, which would probably drive me crazy.

And this is only one enamelling technique.  Tig can teach several, so maybe we’ll play some more another time.

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