Making a goose

Last Thursday night the dogs went berserk because a fox was about.

We’ve had yet another round of virus at my work.  I was mostly over mine but had given Allison a good dose.

We hadn’t yet locked the chickens up, so I raced outside to do so.  It was dark already, and our (three!) torches were not in their drawer.

I have very good night vision, so I didn’t worry.  But it was an overcast night with no moon or stars, just inky darkness.

I carefully picked my way to the chickens and locked them up by the light of my little mobile phone.  Then I walked back over the grass to go back in the house.

I had forgotten that we had left out a large goose cage.

I hit it hard below the knee; it shredded my work pants.  I rolled over and hit the other edge in the chest, shredding my work shirt.  I kept rolling and face planted badly.  There was a flash of light.

I staggered into the house, bleeding everywhere, and suffering concussion.  Days later, I’m still covered with scratches.

PS — we have four baby geese (goslings).

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