The weather keeps swapping between gloriously warm days, and miserable ones.  Everything seems to be on a roller coaster, from the world situation down to our little farm.

Two weekends ago, it was great to be alive.  Last weekend, it was unpleasant to go outside.

We’ve been busy, but not a lot to show for it.  Our vegetable gardens are still for the most part wild after winter.  We still don’t have the summer seeds in.

At the time of writing, we have a couple of German girls wwoofing for us, and we’re making a start.  They are good value and we’re enjoying their company.

Allison says she’ll write a full post on all the animals soon.  In the meantime, the rich spring grass is coming in and we’ve had to lock the horses up to stop them foundering.  Our miniature horse, Jasmine, is the most concern and is getting special exercises.

I haven’t been posting because not much has been worth writing up.  I expect that will change soon with the better weather.

Family history

I’ve been putting my some time into my new family history blog,  At the moment, it’s mostly about Derbyshire in the years 1400-1600, and of most interest to other family historians.  I think I’ve found the missing link between my Howets of Heanor and our supposed ancestors the Hewets of Killamarsh.  Twenty-seven miles, and a lot of work, apart.

But sometime I’ll tell a few colourful stories, and in the meantime you can find them on Google:

* Sir Walter Huwet, a commander of the Black Prince, Warden of the Channel Islands.  Slain by the perfidious French in his pyjamas.

* Sir William Hewet, cloth merchant and the richest man in England; who supported Lady Jane Grey then presided over her execution as Sheriff of London.  Later Lord Mayor of London.

* His only daughter Anne, who fell into the Thames and was rescued by his apprentice, Edward Osborne.  They married and inherited his fortune, established trade routes to Turkey, and their descendents were the Dukes of Leeds.

* The Blessed John Hewet, beatified Catholic martyr, and several protestant martyrs.

* William Hewet, born in Stratford-upon-Avon six months before Shakespeare; perhaps a classmate.

* Dr John Hewyt, a chaplain, who worked to restore the Stuart dynasty even though he conducted the marriage of Cromwell’s daughter.  Hanged.

* Thomas Hewett, precentor of St David’s Cathedral, translator of the Book of Revelations into Welsh (one thinks a challenging task).  He had a son called Rhys!

* “Old Mouldheels”, aka Katherine Hewytte of Colne, one of the witches of Pendle Forest, hanged after the Lancashire Witch Trials.

* William Hewet of Jamaica, hanged for piracy in 1718, and his body buried in the marsh below the low water mark.  On one of Blackbeard’s ships.

* Thomas Howitt, a quaker whose common-place book (diary) survives, and whose house I have visited.

* Dr Godfrey Howitt, who helped established many of the fine institutions of Melbourne Town, arriving in 1839.

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  1. Jean Heasley Says:

    A witch, a pirate, no convict!!! Jean

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