Riding again

We’ve had more than a week of lovely weather, delightful at any time of year.

This has allowed us to bring the horses into work, courtesy of our wonderful equestrian wwoofers Katy and Julia.

Paulie my standardbred has been great; which was the case last time we rode him, too.  Last year we brought him into work *after* all the spring green grass, and he was a bit patchy to start with.

Gawaine my young Clydesdale-cross was perfect at the first attempt, and looks splendid as he races around the field.  Julia says that riding him is like sitting on a couch.

Katy did some work with Doc, a young horse of Jan’s.  I was worried about him because he’s cheeky, and thinks that anything humans do has to be more interesting than being a horse.  He too was exceptionally well-behaved at first go, and is proving a quick learner.  Unfortunately he’s got some sort of infection in his throat and he’s under vet treatment for the next while.

I have ridden just a bit, and have found that my trotting muscles have disappeared.  So I’m sore as I’m writing this.  Will have to keep it up.


We went to the Canberra SCA’s monthly pot luck dinner.  I made some gingerbread: basically it’s hot honey with breadcrumbs and spices mixed in.  The original recipe for some reason had no ginger — maybe it was an economy measure, or maybe the scribe just forgot it.  I used ginger, mace, cinnamon and plenty of white pepper.  Spicy!  Tasty!

Allison and the wwoofers made some pork pies.  She has a new hotwater pastry that she’s playing with; it’s really good.

There was a splendid range of food on offer, some part-singing and some dancing.  One fellow there has a “pipe and tabor”, a sort of medieval one-man-band comprising a kind of whistle or recorder, and a flat drum.  We wants one, my precious…

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