New life

We’ve had some nicer weather, and things are looking up.

Our wwoofers Fiona, Katy and Laura are all good fun and easy to have around.  They are helping to get the farm back under control.

We have had the incubator on since the fox visited, and now we have eight chickens.  The wwoofers got hours of entertainment from them as they hatched.

Three of the chickens are silkies; luckily we got some eggs in the false spring just before the weather turned really nasty.  So these are the last remnant of our silkie bloodlines.  They will be well looked after.

The other chickens are Light Sussex and one is half Isa Brown, the modern egg-laying breed.  (We got given some hens from Ally’s sister’s neighbours, and despite being thoroughly unmedieval, they are actually rather sweet chooks having been family pets.)

The Light Sussex are great for meat, but I’ve been underwhelmed at their egg production in cooler weather.  I’m inclined to get some fertilised eggs of some other breed, and grow some of them.  But the chooks are Allison’s domain so it’s up to her.

Speaking of whom, Allison is back from her US trip, amazed at the sheer size of things in Las Vegas.  And now she’s gone again for a few days — her daughter Jess has a new baby son.

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