It’s been cold

After our early spring, winter has returned with a vengeance.

We’ve now had a couple of weeks of really miserable weather. Strong and very cold winds.

We have branches down all over the farm. A tree fell over Barker’s Lane, and we were rescued late one freezing night by Sam, our neighbour’s son, who got the tractor out to clear the way.

The roof of one of the shops in Goulburn blew off. The emergency services people were extremely busy.

Last week we got a couple of German wwoofers, our first for a long time. They stayed for just a day. One I think would have kept going, but the other was adamant that she had come to Australia for sun and this just wasn’t it.

We then got a Canadian wwoofer, Fiona, who said that she knew all about cold. And two more Germans, Laura and Katy, who knew about the others and decided they’d stick it out.

Last weekend was the coldest I remember in this part of the world, minus 5 degrees in a howling wind. We had the wood heaters on in both houses, and electric heaters, and the wind just sucked the warmth away.

I told the wwoofers to do the absolute minimum outside, and they mostly just stayed in bed. And at last the windy weather has passed.

We’re now back to what I consider a normal winter: crisp mornings with a bit of sunshine during the day. Six weeks till spring.

Allison has avoided much of this, being this week in Las Vegas for a work trip. Sunny Las Vegas. No further comment necessary.

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