Turning the corner

We’ve passed the winter solstice. I always hold this out as a faint hope for Allison: the days are getting longer now and spring approaches.

Nonsense, she says, this is when the really cold weather starts… Which I have to agree is usually the case. We have great weather most of the year, but winter here is tough.

But last Saturday was glorious, like the golden autumn days we usually get so many of. (Except this year.) Saturday was warm enough to be outside in a t-shirt, a great day for wandering about the farm chatting to the horses and alpacas. We’ve been rare visitors lately.

Sunday was also quite acceptable, but with a little bit of cool breeze. But who’s complaining.

We’ve had reasonable weather lately, including a couple of heavy frosts on sunny mornings, and this week looks like it will be OK. But cold weather is coming again from mid-next-week.

My theory on living in Canberra or Goulburn is that you need an aunt with a holiday house on the coast, for a couple of days’ respite in the middle of winter. Which we don’t have. Allison has a sister in warmer climes and sometimes sneaks up there for a bit, and in fact she’s going to the US for a few days soon with her work.

But for me it’s another couple of months of cold weather, wood fires and a chance to focus on my family history hobby. Which is not all bad.

2 Responses to “Turning the corner”

  1. Allison Says:

    The birds think it’s spring. I’m pretty sure Rhys gives them pep talks when I’m not watching. They have started to lay – even the ducks. I’m pretty sure Nellie the duck has a secret stash already.

  2. Anne Macarthur-King Says:

    Wonderful to have some sunny winter days I just hope it extends to next weekend as I go to the Goulburn Market on saturday and on sunday to Hall Market for the first time.

    Not such good news about the lesion I had removed from my thumb last week at Nepean Private. Doctor is going to operate again on 12 July and amputate my thumb. Oh well I guess one has to adjust to the changes as they come, I am trying to stay positive. I may not be back to meeting until after that. Don’t think we have lost interest, I look forward to more events.
    Cheers Anne

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