Making the best of a cold weekend

Last Saturday, we had the local Landcare club over.

The plan was to have a nice sunny winter day, and have a medieval campfire lunch in our feasting tent.  Usually we just weed the Yarra Community Park and eat some yummy slices (which is all very well…) but we thought it might be fun to give them a taste of medieval life.

Alas, Saturday turned out to be windy and freezing cold.  Not wanting to be responsible for the collective deaths of many of our neighbours, we moved inside, with a little campfire in the orchard to meet the minimum requirement.

We had a great time anyway — they are a fabulous group.  We did a beef and turnip stew (as hearty winter fare), an onion tart, some heirloom carrots in a spicy juice, and some berry fool.  And our friend Elva brought along some fruit and an outrageous amount of chocolate.  (Which I think we’ll agree is honorary medieval food.)

Sunday was the first of our “pot luck” dinners for our medieval group in Goulburn.  This was at the Guide Hall, and we had about 15 of us there, including Master Del visiting from the Sydney SCA.

Members brought all sorts of dishes along.  I made hedgehogs and another onion tart.  Allison did the purple and yellow carrots again, and some rather gorgeous custard tarts in a cinnamon pastry.  But we didn’t win the competition: our mate Georgia did by cheating — she made home-made period pasta (like a macaroni cheese) and went so low as to provide some documentation on the original recipe!  All bets are off for next time.

We had a very pleasant evening with our friends, and are looking forward to the next one.

One Response to “Making the best of a cold weekend”

  1. Anne Macarthur-King Says:

    Was a great night, as newcomers we felt most welcome. Thank you. Anne

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