D’s birthday

We had Allison’s grandson staying with us for the weekend. And we held his 3rd birthday party.

Allison made chocolate crackles, tiny jellies and a radioactively green birthday cake. Plus some “adult” chocolate crackles with 80% bitter chocolate and a brandy coffee cream topping.

My contribution was jelly cakes, a nostalgic trip back to my 1960s childhood.

There were a couple of technical issues with my first attempt, so I looked them up on Google. The closest to my mum’s were those by Kylie Kwong. She’s not quite clear on why her Chinese mother was making these in the 1960s, but they’re just the same.

I cooked a plain packet cake in a patty pan tin, then coated the cakes in nearly-set jelly, then coconut. To get the full effect, it’s best to use a cheap jelly with as much artificial colouring as you can find. Luminous pink is what you’re after. I used two packs, but one was port wine flavour and a bit dark for this job.

They were delicious. My mum used to put some whipped cream in the middle, which I’ll do next time.

He had one playmate, the son of our new friend Kim. Deacon and Andrew played beautifully together, despite all the sugar.  The favourite game was — throwing rocks in the dam.

On Sunday we drove to Allison’s parents’ place for dinner, and dropped off D.   He was rather disappointed not to be coming back to the farm.

We played the 500 card game with Allison’s parents. The boys won, not surprising given that I had the joker and most of the bowers nearly every hand.  I can’t remember such a good run.

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