The seasons have turned

It’s now officially winter — in Australia it starts on 1 June, usually a pretty good match for the subjective seasons though it got cold early this year.

We have no wwoofers right now.  We haven’t had many enquiries actually, as they quite understandably go north this time of year.  I get the impression that there’s a lot less wwoofers around anyway — maybe airfares are higher.  I’m surprised we don’t have more Europeans, given the limited employment options in many parts.  For some reason, there are never wwoofers from Greece or Portugal, and few from Spain.  We’ve had some  from Ireland, where there are still tough times.

It suits us to have a bit of time to ourselves.  We’ve had wwoofers continuously for nearly three years now, so it’s handy to have a break.  We’re scrubbing the guest house and getting a bit more together time.

Our funds are still tight from my few months between work assignments, so we’re continuing to economise.  In general, we’ve pulled back pretty much to home base.  Kind of like trees losing last year’s leaves and building quiet momentum towards the spring.

There’s not much in the garden; with the late Easter we kind of missed our winter vegetables.  A few hardy perennials, like silverbeet and kale and sorrel, and we still have some leeks and the last greenhouse tomatoes.  I know there’s lots of self-sown seeds waiting to burst forth as it warms up.

The whole garden is a bit untidy.  Our whipper-snipper (line trimmer?) has disappeared, perhaps left at Landcare.  .  At least the grass is short, carefully pruned by the regular frosts.  I’d better prune soon, as I noticed buds coming up on a fruit tree yesterday.  We’ll shortly have to order seeds, make up our soil cubes and get the greenhouse ready for seedlings again.

Our local medieval club seems to have some new buds too, largely of its own volition.  There’s some new faces, and a weekly meeting starting up at the Guide Hall in town.  Some monthly pot luck dinners starting soon.   Our friend Tig in particular has some new energy,  which seems to be catching.  The coming seasons could be really interesting.

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