A bit of excitement

Last night (Tues) was our regular Arts and Sciences night for our medieval club.

Georgia and Andrew arrived and stated with some concern that a horse had come running past them in the night.

Jan was already at our place, and dashed outside to see what had happened.  I headed up to our main gate (usually left open) to head it off.  Allison ran to check the gate into their paddock.

It soon became apparent that there were several horses loose, on a very dark night.  And it seemed that they had left our house paddock and were heading to the highway.

Jan leapt into her 4WD and started across the fields to our bottom gate, hoping to stop them before they got to the highway.

As it happened, our friend Tig was also coming to A&S and was driving carefully up the lane — a kangaroo had jumped out on her last trip.  She says she has poor night vision, but she did see a big black shape and soon worked out that there were several horses.  She did exactly the right thing and slowly hunted them back, and I was able to close the main gate behind them.

It was then a matter of collecting them and bringing them back to the right paddock.  We took some care to make sure nobody was trampled, but it was fairly straightforward.

So what happened?

Jan thinks it was her horse Chad, who loves people, and he has a bit of a reputation for being able to figure out how to open gates.  He’s never done it at our place before, but perhaps with lots of visitors he was motivated to see what was up.  But I think it might have been young Doc, who wouldn’t leave our campfire alone a few weeks back, who I think also has enough processing capacity to work such things out.

I hope they got a bit of a fright and will think twice about getting out again.  But Allison has put a padlock on the gate, to be sure.

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