‘Twas Brillig, and the Slithy Toves, Were All Getting Ready for Festival.


Rowany Festival is the key event of the medievalist year — a week of period revelry, a chance to catch up with lots of old friends.

Traditionally, most of the work of getting ready for Festival happens in the last two weeks — and I think they should call this period Brillig.  (For non-English speaking readers, it’s from a nonsense poem by the author of Alice in Wonderland.)

Allison, I have to say, doesn’t understand about Brillig and prefers to be organised well in advance.  Myself, I like to do it with a headwind of adrenaline.

Even so, many things resolve down to Brillig anyway.  For instance, I cooked up some Shrewsbury Cakes (cross between shortbread and a cake) and some Comadores (pastry-wrapped fingers of fig and apple and pear mixture in red wine) and you can’t do them until the end.  We’ll keep these for guests to the campsite.

Sorting out things to take can’t be done too far in advance either — in the barely disguised chaos of Cockatrice Farm, somebody is bound to move them somewhere else.

Our new feasting tent was finally erected this morning.  With a couple of teething problems, it is all fine.  Wish somebody had taken a photo — this will have to wait till after Festival.

Our wwoofer Vincent has made some timber candle brackets for the feasting tent.  Minor details keep being added to our camping bed.

Very likely, the next post will be after Festival, hopefully with some photos.

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