The long and the short of it

Gawaine, my young gelding, came back from his initial training and was sharing a paddock with Tangles, one of Jan’s horses.  Then Tangles left, and we wanted to rest the field.

So Gawaine went in with the older horses.  This may arguably have been good for his horse social skills, but he was very much at the bottom of the pecking order, approximately equivalent to slime mold.

So the poor fellow was miserable.  He kept away from the other horses, as close as possible to his old paddock in case Tangles came back.

Allison decided to try him with Jasmine, the miniature horse.  They fell in love immediately, and still are great with each other.  Jasmine is older, and is definitely the boss, but Gawaine (being mostly Clydesdale) towers above her so she couldn’t discipline him even if she wanted to.  But they are really good friends.

Our Irish wwoofers, John and Karen, have been taking Jasmine for walks — we still have too much grass, so she is in danger of foundering if she doesn’t get regular exercise.  Sometimes they take Gawaine too, and mostly he’s good though they tell me he’s been playing up a little lately.  I think he’s bored, and would prefer to do some more training.  Hopefully after Easter.

Anyway, here’s some photos of them all:

Kevin, our Korean wwoofer, heads off tomorrow.  We still have Vincent from France, who keeps busy in the workshop with various projects — I’ll post some soon.  He, Karen and John are coming to the Rowany Festival over Easter and will head off after that.

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