Jasmine Joins Us

(Sorry, I found this sitting in the drafts; should have been issued a couple of while ago.)


A few weeks ago we had a visit from a group of people with severe disabilities.

Allison’s uncle Andrew is one of them.  His mother looked after him as long as she was able, and then for a while there were no adequate services available and his life was quite difficult.

For the last few years he has been in this supported group house, and he is much happier for it.  It’s great to see a government program that’s actually a good match for the need.

Andrew is the most-abled of the group, being able to dress himself and assist with some household chores.

Since we have been at Cockatrice Farm, we have had Andrew for a few days each Christmas, when the group house is closed.

So he’s been with us for a few days each time, and has had Christmas dinner with us and our wwoofers.  Which has worked well.

Andrew’s house is at Bowral, about an hour from here.  A couple of times now, we’ve had Andrew and his friends over for a barbecue lunch — it’s a convenient outing for them.

Several of Andrew’s housemates are confined to a wheelchair.  So we bring over some animals for them to pat — this time we had some baby Silkie chickens, and some friendly ducks and geese.

I brought over Chad, actually one of Jan’s horses but living here permanently.  Chad is always friendly, and was OK about coming up to the house.  He nuzzled some of the visitors, and was as charming as ever.

One of the carers, Margaret, loved the farm and enjoyed the day.  She has a small place at Tallong, halfway between here and Bowral.  She was looking for a new home for a miniature horse, and thought that Jasmine might fit in really well at our farm.

So we went to Tallong to meet Jasmine.  She’s very easy-going, and now resides in our orchard.  The wwoofers take her for walks each day — important as we still have too much grass, and her health is in danger if she gets too big.

Jasmine is another little bit of magic for the place.  Jan and Allison are hatching plans to have her pull a small cart.  I’ll keep you filled in on her further adventures.

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