The Storm

Our friends Jochen and Astridh got married in Perth.  Which of course is so far away that their east-coast friends couldn’t make it.

So on Saturday we decided to have a party for them in Goulburn, on our farm.

We put up our splendid medieval tents, and decorated them accordingly.  All was looking great.

Then the thunderstorm came.  Hailstones the size of marbles, then of golfballs.  There was havoc for ten minutes, then a thick carpet of white hail.

The gutters filled with hail, then overflowed, flooding some of our buildings.  Our fruit trees were shredded, the vegetable garden destroyed.

On the highway, traffic stopped for the duration, doing lots of damage to the cars.  Three police cars were ruined.  On our place, our farm ute vehicle looked … well, how would you tell?

Our lovely tents were thrown down, and the big one has been very seriously damaged, about five metres of torn canvas.

So we moved the party indoors, and had a great time anyway.  We can clean up later.

(The black patch is Yarra.)

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