Brulée has gone

While we were away after Christmas, our cat Brulée went missing.

Jessica’s dogs were staying at the time, which in Brulée’s mind was a major affront, so maybe she simply left.  Or perhaps she was just hunting mice out in the fields, and found herself competing with a snake that didn’t play fair.  No sign of her at the pound.

Our other cat, Twurtle has lived his whole life with his sister as his best mate.  He is miserable, and spends long hours yowling.  He has at last started to eat a little.

He’s been trying to sleep next to me on our bed.  I don’t mind cats on the end of the bed in the middle of winter, but snuggling up next to you on a summer’s night is just not on!  So Twurts has been repeatedly jet-propelled off the bed, and even dumped outside when he doesn’t get the message.  Which is not to say that we’re unsympathetic — in fact he’s been getting a lot more cuddles.  We hope he settles down soon.

We have a batch of silkie bantam eggs in the incubator right now, and they have been hatching over the past few days.  Tiny little chickens.

Our Canadian wwoofer, Melissa, has left — she’s invited us to Montreal some day.  We have two new Irish wwoofers, Karen and John.

The weather has been warmer, and more humid than we are used to in Goulburn.  Some pleasant evenings, swimming in the dam until the mosquitoes come.

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