Flooding in Australia

For those who read this blog from overseas, the current flooding is much further north, 1000 km away.

We had our flood some weeks ago, and we are back to small rain showers most days.  New Year’s Day was hot, and we have had a few other warm days, but mostly the skies are overcast and the temperature about 25 degrees Celsius.

We are experiencing a “La Niña” (girl child) weather event, the reverse of the “El Niña” (boy child) event which gave us severe droughts.  These happen from time to time.

No, I don’t think there’s any “Global Warming” involved.  Nor with the snow in the Northern Hemisphere — even George Orwell would be impressed to see that described as Global Warming.

All is well on the farm.  We’ve said goodbye to wwoofer Timo, again!  We still have Alina from Germany.  We have Melissa from Canada, who has been good value during a short stay, and Kevin from Korea joined us this week.

One Response to “Flooding in Australia”

  1. Tig Says:

    I believe you meant to say ‘El Niño (boy/child)’ 🙂

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