At the beach

We ended the year with a couple of christmas dinners, with wwoofers Timo and Alina as well as Allison’s daughter Jessica, partner Philip and their child “D”.  Very pleasant.

Since then, Allison and I have been off at the beach, at Port Stephens north of Newcastle.  Most of Allison’s family has been up here.

We’ll be back at the farm shortly: Timo and Alina have been running it in our absence — thanks guys.

2010 was a very big year for us.  Happy to have a quieter year in 2011.

We didn’t get much opportunity to ride the horses in spring: all that wet weather.  So hopefully that will be a big theme next year.

Gawaine, my young Clydesdale horse, has been off having some training.  This turned out to be extremely easy, and he’s back on the farm now, relaxed and easy to please.  They did hop on his back (easily, at first attempt) and we’ll put a light rider on him for a short time every few weeks, to keep him engaged.  Nothing serious yet as he’s still a bit young.  He loves people.

The interesting news is that, buoyed by this success, the breaker is having a go with his mother, Domino.  She’s a rescue case, and terrified of people, so I don’t know how if it will work. Joining some dots, she has been severely beaten in the past, and our many attempts to make friends with her have had just modest success.

I’m told that she loaded onto a float easily enough, and is now at our friend Jan’s place to be gently introduced to some training.  I’ll settle for being able to lead her around, though it would be handy if she were able to be ridden too.  I want to put her to a Friesian stallion next spring.



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