Sometimes nothing is as it seems

We held our Feast of Misrule on Saturday, and I was running the kitchen. It all worked reasonably well but I’ll say up front that things didn’t run quite as efficiently as when Allison is Chief Cook.

We started with Blue Soup. Really just a white bean soup, except it was blue, and served with fish-shaped croutons. I did this many years ago, in a small country SCA group called Dark Skies, and it worked better that time.

We selected our Bright Prince of Burning Love (a period title for a bean king), a young guy from the local Lieder Theatre. His Highness declared, with some justification though he hadn’t tasted it, that He wasn’t having Blue Soup and neither were any on the High Table. Fortunately we also had a Low Table, run by the Duchess of Dismal Dumplings, who declared that Blue Soup was a fine thing, and that everybody on Her table was getting some.

The soup was followed by Golden Apples, actually meatballs covered with an eggyolk and flour glaze, with a mint sprig on top. They looked great, and they are a recipe from 1390. The kitchen had elaborated when I wasn’t looking, and some of the apples were red and green.

Then we had Dragon Pie, lamb in a pepper sauce, covered in red pastry scales. This was a popular dish. We had a vegetarian variant too.

My friend Jane made some wonderful pies up to look like whole fish: apple with almond meal and gingerbread. They tasted and looked fantastic, and I think were the highlight of the meal.

We made some “fried deer entrails” too, again a documented medieval recipe where you thread fresh and dried fruit onto cotton and cook it in a beer batter before you pull the cotton out. These were delicious, but maybe threaded a bit tightly, so that they looked more like dagwood dogs and less like lumpy intestines. Still working on that one.

Then we had some silly songs, jugglers, and the wonderful Daly brothers (Craig and Shane) gave an acrobatics performance. There are actually 5 brothers, and they can all do some acrobatics!

The second course included luminous green meat snakes guarding red pickled eggs on a bed of salad.

There was roast cockatrice (made from chicken and rabbit and bread sculpture).

We served mermaids (smoked trout with human(ish) bodies).

And we finished up with Snow in Summer, a fool made with whipped eggwhites, cream, sugar and rosewater. Tasted good but could have been a bit firmer — we didn’t get a chance for a trial beforehand.


There were about 30 people there, including the Baron & Baroness of Rowany (Sydney SCA) and those of Politarchopolis (Canberra SCA).

Overwhelmingly the attendees were local, which is a good sign for us to become a sustainable club in Goulburn.

Our advertising was good, but about a week later than it should have been. There’s a lot of competing events at this time of year, and a big feast next weekend in Sydney.

I think we did a pretty good job, maybe 7 out of 10.

The biggest hole, to my mind, was lack of dancing. That’s always a good energiser and helps to engage people. So maybe we can put more effort there in future.

3 Responses to “Sometimes nothing is as it seems”

  1. Allison Says:

    Ah…. nothing like the feeling of being right.

    It was a great feast and we had lots of fun.

    • Mary Mancuso Says:

      Hello my name is Mary. E-mailing you from Las Vegas Nevada I was wondering if you could please tell me how you got those meatballs green I think there called Pomme Dorryle and there from the form of Cury 1390 that much I know My address is

      • cockatrice Says:

        Hi Mary, yes they are from Forme of Cury. I think we cheated and used green food colouring. In the past I have also used minced parsley with eggyolk and cornflour. Works well too, but not quite as luminous. Rhys

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