(Nearly) everything has to be useful

Being a permaculture farm, we try only to plant things that will be productive.  If a bush or tree is purely decorative, and it’s in the way, we will pull it out.

There is one major exception to this.  Allison  requires that we have sweet pea flowers every year.  Sweet pea seeds are poisonous if eaten in quantity, so they are just there for their looks.  I guess the plants will make a good mulch at the end of the season.

We have a trellis about 2 metres long planted with sweet peas in many colours.  With our excellent compost, and all the rain this year, they have gone berserk.  We get so many flowers that we give big bunches away to our friends, and take them into work.  And still they come.


In other news, our Christmas season continued with the Fire Brigade party on Saturday.  This was a barbecue at the fire shed, with all our neighbours from Yarra and Parkesbourne.

As is customary, they played bingo.  Our wwoofer Alina won one of the major prizes, a basket of fruit.  (Which is amusing, as Alina steers well away from fruit and vegetables!)  I wasn’t there for that bit, but the bingo prizes are usually things like socks or dog treats.

We have a new wwoofer, Joan (let’s call him John) from Spain.  Within two hours of getting to our place, he was chatting to a neighbour who offered him some casual paid work, so he’s off already.  Hopefully he’ll be back, as he seems to be a good worker.  It will be raining all week, so his absence will be OK.  We still have far too much grass.

We continue to have problems with horses getting too chubby.  Unfortunately it’s raining every day that we have free to ride them, but Allison has been exercising some in the round yard.  She was terrified of horses two years ago — fortunately ours are really sweet.

My young horse Gawaine has been on holiday at our friend Jan’s house.  He’s getting some training with Jan’s young horses, and he loves it.  He has a lovely nature and enjoys trying out new things.  He likes jumping castles but is deeply worried about goats.


This Saturday is the Feast of Misrule  which we’re running in Goulburn (link here).  We’re hoping to attract some new Goulburnites along.

One Response to “(Nearly) everything has to be useful”

  1. Allison Says:

    The sweetpea bushes achieve three requirements

    1. they make me happy
    2. they are beautiful
    3. they smell nice

    They make you happy because
    1. a happy woman is a gift
    2. you don’t have to buy flowers
    3. they keep me working in the garden

    So lots of good reasons! 🙂

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