Disappearing under the grass

It has rained every day for weeks, and it has been pretty warm too.  The grass is exploding.

Last year we bought a ride-on mower, but someone drove it a bit fast and had some sort of accident.  One wheel was badly bent out of position.

Our ordinary push mower had broken down too.  Our whipper-snipper (trimmer) has also been behaving badly.

As a result, our house paddock has knee-high grass, sometimes chest-high.  The animals are disappearing in it.

We took the ride-on mower apart, and I bashed the bent piece of steel many times so that it came back into position.  With that and some other fiddling about, the ride-on is functioning again.

The push-mower, it turned out, had a problem with the throttle.  Our friend Jochen fixed it — yay.  I had words with the whipper-snipper too, and it’s doing better.

So we may get our house paddock back soon.  If it stops raining.


The Goulburn Medievalists had a heraldry workshop on the weekend.  I made up a series of sheets that I used to explain the arcane rules of medieval heraldry — see example below.

We had a pretty good session, and several people have new ideas for their heraldry.  Later, they will make up colourful banners and shields — which adds a lot of magic to medieval events.

example sheet from heraldry day

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