More chaos than usual

Our friends Jochen and Astridh bought a house in Goulburn, like all wise and fashionable folk.

They had a baby due in a couple of weeks, so the timing was getting fairly tight.  No problem, they were moving the weekend just past.

They had pizzas with us last Tuesday, then headed home.  So we were a little surprised to hear on Wednesday morning that baby had come early.  Must have been the pepperoni.

They moved this weekend anyway.  Our wwoofers were happy to help, as Jochen had been kind to them several times.  Astridh’s parents and sister came down too.  Jochen’s friend Anton came from Sydney.

In the circumstances, the move wasn’t particularly organised.  Things got thrown into boxes in random order, then sent to Goulburn for the crew there to unpack.

We started at 7.30 and went all day.  By the end of Saturday, Jochen and Astridh and baby were up and running as residents of Goulburn.  We all (16 of us) went out for Thai food at the Exchange Hotel — one of our favourites, and well priced.

This was also goodbye for wwoofer Timo, who is heading north for some more Australian adventure.

On Sunday we did some work with the horses.

My horse Paulie came close to foundering, where they get too much rich grass and their hooves break down.  Fortunately Jan spotted it early, so he’s on restricted rations and an exercise program.  Our wwoofer Julia is being wonderful with the horses, and has continued to train the foal, Gawaine.

This morning it was time to say goodbye to the Marvellous Miss Maud, who is now on her way back to France.  She wwoofed for us for five months, then worked in an outback roadhouse, then came back for a few weeks.  She is a wonderful friend, and has become a more confident person as a result of her adventures.  We will miss you Maud!!

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  1. Richard Says:

    What about some news on the vegetables and tree plantings

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