Baby geese

We have had some baby geese hatch.  The eggs we found lying around the fields did no good,  but some of the eggs from the nest near the cemetary did hatch.

There were four babies.  Unfortunately, one of them died.

The incubator was very crowded, and one gosling was mostly out of its shell.  I tipped the shell on its side to slide the baby out, so I could take the shell out to make space.

Unfortunately the umbilical cord to the yolk was still intact, and it pulled some of the bowel out.  It did go back in later, but we found the baby dead a couple of days later.

One other baby came very late, and is small and weak.  Don’t know how well that one will do.

The other two goslings are fluffy and incredibly sweet.  They come to you for cuddles.  They are even more loveable than ducklings.

The geese had made another nest at the cemetary, which is a danger to the public.  So we took seven more eggs to empty that nest, and have put those in the incubator.


I have mentioned that our friend Jan’s mother died a couple of weeks ago.  Her father has since had a heart attack and died a few days ago too.  So things are still a bit quiet around here, and not much horseriding lately.  Our wwoofer Julia did take Paulie riding one day without Jan, and she’s very good at training him.

We did have Jess and Phil and grandson Deacon here on the weekend.  Nothing significant happened, but it’s always nice to have the little fellow around.  He’s talking well now, and moving at high speed as they do.

Our friends Tony and Claire are moving to Goulburn next weekend, which will be great.  Goulburn is becoming a rather fashionable residential destination.  Houses here are half the price of Sydney or Canberra.

Currently we have four wwoofers: Timo (Germany), Rachel (England), Julia (Germany) as well as Maud (France) who is visiting us again after going around Australia.  Timo and Maud leave this weekend.

And I’m working again, which is a good thing, though I do miss seeing the farm during the day.

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