Fowl weather

Another week of shocking weather, at last a couple of days of sunshine.

The “La Niña” weather pattern is in control.  It’s going to be a very wet year.  Much of Victoria (a few hours south of us) is underwater.

We have some geese out in our fields.  We originally got them because we were at the (very noisy) poultry auction, and Allison thought she was bidding on a bag of chook feed.  Then we got a few more.

We have lost some to foxes — they are particularly vulnerable when the female is sitting.  So we are now down to three.

We found a couple of goose eggs loose in the field.  This was a little bit of a surprise, as we thought we only had males left.  Most domestic birds lay a couple of practice eggs before they get around to building a next.  We put them in our incubator, along with some duck eggs.  They are due in about a week.

In the meantime, two of the geese decided to leave our property and make a nest at the old ruined church at the end of our road.  This puts them close to the highway, and in the way of the mostly elderly folk visiting the small cemetary there.

So we (myself and Allison with wwoofers Luca, Timo and Rachel) headed out with poles and towels and brought three rather indignant geese back to the yard immediately behind our house.  We collected their eggs and will try them in the incubator when it is free.

The geese were rather noisy, and we weren’t too disappointed when they escaped.  They are now back in our fields.  We’re keeping our eye on them.


I now have a “Responsible Service of Alcohol” certificate.  This means I can do volunteer work behind the bar at the Goulburn Club, the volunteers-only social club in town.  Allison has worked behind various bars, and has all the skills, but that was in the days before you needed an RSA.  I was completely clueless behind a bar, but now getting the idea.

The club has somehow acquired a table-tennis (ping pong) table.  This has proven very popular with the wwoofers, every Friday night.  They have had some great live music there too, just lately.


One Response to “Fowl weather”

  1. pat Says:

    Wow, they got a ping pong table in the goulburn club… i’m jalous 😀
    did you receive you ipod rhys ?

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