What’s happening

We had Richard and Gloria (Allison’s parents) over on Saturday.

Richard is a keen gardener, and so a very useful resource.

Our first task was identifying a whole lot of trees.  We bought about 30 trees from Digger’s Club, which arrived while I was in England.  They have been sitting in the greenhouse getting watered occasionally.  Somehow they have all since lost their identification tags (no idea how!) and so it’s a bit of a mystery.

Richard was able to have a pretty good guess at most of them.  This wasn’t helped because I bought a whole lot of really weird ones, like a Japanese Raisin tree (you eat the swollen stems) and some weird South African things.  Some of them just look like muddy sticks, so we’ll just have to plant them and see what happens.  Japanese Raisin trees grow to 20 metres tall, so there could be difficulties down the track if we plant it in the wrong spot.

We did some more planning for our spring plantings, and marked out some new garden beds.  We have some new heavy trellis to build, to hold some kiwifruit vines, and Allison wants to double the size of our peacock enclosure.

Our current wwoofers are Luca from Italy, and Timo and Sabrina from Germany.  The last two weeks have been miserable weather, so we let our friend Jochen take them to the beach (Nowra) yesterday.  They enjoyed that a lot.  But they will be very busy from now on.

Our past wwoofers John and Claire called in yesterday, and it was lovely to catch up.  Our and their mate Joonas, the crazy guy from Finland, was last heard of being destitute in Byron Bay and having a great time.

My clicker training with Gawaine, my young horse, is going pretty well.  It’s a bit like working with a boisterous six-year-old, with a limited attention span and he’s six times bigger than I am.

I wasn’t all that conscientious during the bad weather, but even so I can just about get his halter (head strapping) on now.  Things will get much easier after that.  He does get a bit confused and frustrated sometimes, as he doesn’t always understand what I want.  He kicked me in the goolies on one occasion early on, but now I have a better sense of timing.

Still no job, and Australia now has a hung parliament which will slow things down even more.  The last government steered Australia through the world recession pretty well, indeed we didn’t even have one here, so it amazes me that we didn’t vote them back with an increased majority.  I certainly voted for Labor because of this, though I usually vote for the conservatives.  I don’t think most Australians realise how difficult things are now in the US and much of Europe.  They will find out soon enough.

One Response to “What’s happening”

  1. John Parry Says:

    Off to see the Finn today,
    Hopefully Byron will be as welcoming as Cockatrice.

    Best wishes to everyone that end.

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