Christmas in July

On 31 July, we ran a medieval feast at the Goulburn Club.

Like last year, it was a fundraiser dinner.  This time we asked if our club (the Goulburn Medievalists) could keep half the proceeds as we ourselves are fundraising for a new large feasting tent.  The club was agreeable so we did that.

The Goulburn Club has a very limited kitchen, down two flights of stairs.  But we were much more familiar with the territory this time, so we made it work.

The functions room at the club is not large.  Last year we were over-run with late bookings, and we squeezed 70 people in there.  Which was rather difficult.

This year we made better use of the space, and had comfortable seating for 60.  In the event, only 50 people turned up.

We made a magnificent pastry boar’s head, brought in on a huge platter donated by our friend Jane.  We had hot mulled wine, roast beef and currant-wine sauce, medieval onion quiche, chicken and leek pies, and many other dishes.  We did our medieval-style christmas puddings again, set aflame at your table.

We received many compliments for the food, but we overcatered considerably.  Some of that was simply logistical: one chicken-and-leek pie is too little for a table of 12, and two pies is too much.  Perhaps tables would have accepted getting one-and-a-half pies, but it’s hard to cut them neatly for serving.

The event made $681 to be shared between the two groups.  And the club ran the bar for the event, so they would have made some more money on that.

A successful event, and we had six people seriously interested in joining our local medieval club.

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