We headed off for breakfast at the Eiffel Tower, then to the Musee de Cluny for their great medieval collection and the unicorn tapestries.

Notre Dame Cathedral was just too busy to get near, so we headed out to the Louvre, which handled its huge crowds well.  We got at least a quick look at about half of it, which is not bad.

Unfortunately, over the day Allison came out in spots on her arms particularly.  She had a similar experience in NZ a couple of years ago, so she recognised the pattern as characteristic of bedbugs.  Not a huge surprise given the dodgy hotel we were in, but unpleasant and unsightly too.  I seem to have a few bites too, but they obviously find Ally tastier and she has a great allergic reaction.  This wasn’t as bad as the NZ attack fortunately.

We headed off to Montmartre in the artsy part of Paris, and met up with our past wwoofer Manu.  We went to a bar that his girlfiend, Nadia from Lithuania, was singing at.

She’s a pretty sprite in just enough leopardskin, and she was bouncing about energetically doing covers of mostly English language classics.

We had a fabulous night and ended up at crazy_o_clock.  Manu and Owen talked earnestly about computer game design, but the conversation went everywhere.  Allison in particular enjoyed the night.

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