Barcelona 2

The first day we saw La Pedrera, the Gaudi apartment complex, and Casa Battlo, a house designed by the master.  I love the second one, which is a bit like a Captain Nemo submarine, with amazing tiles shading gradually from white to deepest blue. 

Then we tried to get into the Sagrada Familia, Gaudi´s church of the Sacred Family, but the queue went for at least a kilometre in the sun.  So we went to the old city instead, and took up Tig´s suggestion of the City Museum with the roman ruins underneath.  Since my last visit, they have extended more into medieval stuff, and they had a great fresco with horses that I´d love to turn into a painted tapestry.  Will write to them when I get home.

All of that we walked, in the heat, so we´re getting a lot fitter.  And a bit sorer.

Yesterday we were really organised, and got to the Sagrida Familia by two trains, easy and quite cheap.  We got there at 8.40, five minutes before the said kilometre queue manifested.  There´s a lot more there since my last visit, and just another 20-30 years to go! 

“Astonishing” is all you can say about the Sagrada Familia.  Everybody should see it. 

Then we walked and bussed to the Park Guell, Gaudi´s park high in the hills above the city.  It´s more fun, inspiring and lovely, not so good in 36 degrees.

After a siesta we headed back into the old city to see a few more things, then dinner along La Rambla.  More of the crazy statues, including dancers, fairies, numerous aliens of different planetary origin, and a couple of naked guys wandering through who seemed to just be a continuation of the general bizarrity (ok, that´s not a word, but in Barcelona it needs to be).

We sat down for a drink and were ripped off A$75 for five drinks, admittedly in big glasses but mostly ice, and two of them were lemonade.

They we had a tapas and seafood paella meal (Owen had pizza) which was about the same price including drinks, much better value though the paella eaters got stomach cramps afterwards.  Owen says we´re just getting old.

We leave Barcelona this morning, up into the Pyrenees.  Our past wwoofer Adrien gave us a scenic route to take, but Pat´s dad took it last year and warned us repeatedly and direly about ¨les precipices¨so maybe we´ll take the easy route back past Carcassonne.

2 Responses to “Barcelona 2”

  1. Tig Says:

    If you can get to Montserrat before you hit the Pyranees then you won’t be sorry. Just as bizarre as Barcelona and the church decorations are as amazing as the shape of the mountains. We bypassed the Pyranees by driving straight underneath them 🙂 Apparently the longest tunnel in Europe. Very hard to tell when you’ve hit the bottom and are heading up again. Kept 4 of us guessing for ages!

  2. pat Says:

    come on you can do it. the “precipices” are not so bad :p. How was barcelona last night ? did you sleep well ? 😀 i can imagine the crowd in the street after the game ^^

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