Barcelona 1


Barcelona is an incredibly beautiful city.  If there is a simple functional way to do things they will ignore it in favour of the beautiful option.  However,  once the beauty is created they see no reason to clean it.  And we are constantly reminded that sewers need ventilation too.

It´s very hot but you don´t notice while looking about.  Gaudi set the standard of the city and there are wonderful creative places everywhere.

As we have been doing at each stop, we are eating like locals.  So we have had Horchata, which is like a cross between coconut milk and almond milk and is divine.  We also ate refreshing gazpacho (cold vege soup) and amazing paella.  These were the highlights.  Owen ate frogs legs and we will let him tell you all what they tasted like.

We visited several Gaudi places today.  The man was amazing.  Such beauty.  Then we walked around the old city and up La Rambla, a wide pedestrian street  which was full of open air pet shops and postcard shops and people dressed up as amazing things who would move if you paid them money. 

My favourite thing of the day was the Sangria.  This is a yummy drink made from very fruity red wine, fruit juice, lots of ice and citrus pieces.  On a hot day it is delicious.  Just a bit of alcohol and a lot of liquid coolness.  We had it at lunch and dinner and every glass is happiness.


One Response to “Barcelona 1”

  1. Tig Says:

    Glad you like Barcelona as much as I do. No, actually, I don’t like it, I love it!! They call the people in La Rambla ‘statues’ and aren’t some of the costumes brilliant. The Marine Museum is another interesting one to visit…it’s down by the harbour naturally. 🙂

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